I recently set up a home file server using Ubuntu Server 12.04, running Samba to share a massive chunk of hard drive space I use to store music, movies and freelance files. This is all well and good, I love that I have redundancy in my storage now (more so than I used to have at least), but with all this data sitting on my server I was feeling a bit cheated in that when I was away from home I couldn't access any of it. Sure, I could point a URL at my home IP address, or access the IP address directly, but that changes every few days, and I don't want to manually update my DNS records all the time, so what to do? Enter Dynamic DNS! Click through to find out more.

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Electric Forest Festival

I know, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Lots going on in this little old life of mine.

Of those many things going on, I'm happy to say I've decided to jump back into the music festival scene this year. It's been a couple of seasons since I've been, and I'm pretty stoked to be back. All of those lovely experiences packed into one long weekend. If you haven't been, you should definitely give it a try.

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AMF Hercules Bicycle

When it came time to invest in a new bicycle I struggled to find a sweet ride that balanced price and style. Most of today's new bicycles look the same, and to buy one with some real style would quickly break the bank. When I realized this I decided to go the creative route. I took to craigslist and found a used vintage bicycle that I would soon make my own. Click through to see the before and after shots.

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There's always that first awkward blog entry to kick things off. This is mine, savor it.

In designing and building websites for people, I'm usually the one creating the first blog entry, the ice breaker, the generic content that makes the site owner say, "I can do this, I can write something better than this, let's see what I can do!". Or, at least that's what I hope people think when they read my first blog entry, generally written with specific intent. No harm intended of course, but it's a tactic to empower the site owner...

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